Aesthetician in Folsom/ Skin Care/ Hydrafacial

Ronnie Bozworth has been servicing the greater Folsom area for more than a decade. She uses cutting edge technology to offer the most cutting edge treatments for skin care and beauty, and offers an unparalleled environment while harnessing the type of energy that refreshes, rejuvenates, and cleanses not only the skin, but the soul. She strives to offer the best experience through dedicated personal attention to each and every client because for Ronnie, helping people has always been a dream. She dedicates her time to research, by way of products and services, ensuring anytime one visits her, one receives the very best treatment and consultation. Above all else, Ronnies passion for skin care and the wellbeing of her clients has led her to be the top Aesthetician in the Folsom area. She is certified in HydraFacial and helps a variety of clients; from teens seeking riddance of stubborn acne, to adults whose stress needs more than yoga, to anyone whom needs to overcome serious skin concerns.

If your in need of some TLC for your skin, or your soul, Ronnie Bozworth is who you need.

How often should you get a Hydrafacial?

Here is some info from Hydrafacials are the perfect piece to every skin care regimen, and taking care of your skin is something you need to do. Not enough people take the time to care for their skin as much as they should. But maybe you will when we put it this way: Your skin is your body’s first mechanism of defense; it’s the first to protect you under every circumstance out in the environment; cleaning and detoxifying the skin is one way for you to give thanks.

Moving forward; let’s say you decided to schedule your very first hydrafacial at Skinworx in San Francisco. You just experienced one pure hour of bliss that left you feeling warm and fuzzy. The highlight of the facial included warm steam and a gentle massage. Not only do you feel great about what just happened, but your face is glowing with healthiness. When you come to and realize it’s time to book your next hydrafacial,  there are a few key elements you need to keep in mind: All skin types are different. Skin types depend on age, environment, skin type and what you hope to achieve out of each hydrafacial appointment. Many skin care professionals will recommend you schedule a facial every three to four weeks; however, it truly depends on your skin, your age and the environment in which you live. Why? Your skin needs to fully heal between sessions, and in order to do that, your skin’s full life cycle needs to be taken into consideration. Skin cell growth and exfoliation are crucial. You don’t want to schedule another facial too early; you want to schedule it so that you are getting a facial once your skin has completed its full life cycle. Doing so will help keep your skin maintain a beautiful glow all year round. It should look clear, clean, toned and smooth.

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