Holiday tips to care for your hair while traveling!

We would love to share some holiday hair tips on how to care for your hair while you travel during the holidays.

There are obvious challenges caused by humidity, heat and changes in water quality. 

First, manage the water quality when you’re travelling. Areas with soft water will make your hair feel silky and soft, however if your hair doesn’t react well to being over-hydrated, it can make your hair have more issues than you would like to deal with while traveling. Remember to pack volumising hair products(we have some amazing Kevin Murphy products in stock in our salon) to counterbalance the effect of soft water. However, in hard water conditions your hair can become dry, dehydrated and unmanageable when exposed to heat, sun, chlorine and sea salt. We suggest packing extra moisturising and hydrating hair products to keep your hair manageable.

Next bring clean and healthy products with you. We recommend a few products to bring with you with traveling. Here is our go to holiday go to kit that will cover all areas of hair care: Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate-me.wash, Hydrate-me.rinse, and All of these are great for keeping your hair hydrated and moisturized. is a great texturising hair spray that will give your hair a flexible hold and touchable texture. With this kit, your hair will be able to adjust better to the water quality when you arrive at your holiday destination.

Protect your hair under all circumstances!!

You can protect your scalp by wearing a hat or cover on your head in the sun. This will prevent heatstroke and prevent the sun from bleaching your hair and causing a sunburn. Your head is the easiest part of your body to burn, especially if your hair isn’t very thick. This can be very painful especially if your scalp starts to peel, if this happens, apply aloe vera gel to your scalp to help soothe the area. If your scalp is still peeling try using coconut oil. Make sure to rub it in to the scalp and leave it on for an hour or more, then you can wash your hair, it should just come off. Shampoo your hair twice to remove the oil. Lastly you can comb through your conditioner before rinsing, this will help remove the flakes from your hair. 

Last, bring your own hair dryer with you. This will help with damage that can be caused from a poor quality hairdryer. If you are going somewhere with a 240-volt electric, all your appliances will work as they would at home. If you are going to a 120-volt country, make sure to purchase a travel hairdryer with switchable voltage or your hair dryer will work at half the power you normally get. In humid climates, keeping hair straight can be a challenge. So let’s give your hair a holiday break from the heat and leave your hair straightener and other hot tools at home. Less work and maintenance for you and your hair will thank you later.