The scalp often gets overlooked and isn’t given much consideration. When considering a shampoo and conditioner, we look for the benefits it has for our hair. However, those with scalp issues want to find the right shampoo/conditioner that will not cause flaky dandruff, bumps, or the need to scratch. Once you learn how to take care of your scalp, you can improve not only its health but have peace of mind and get your confidence back!

First, start by massaging your scalp with oil! Hair Oil is good for the scalp’s health, hair health, and texture and can also help in reducing hair loss! Massaging your scalp once in a while can improve blood circulation. Make sure to apply the oil before shampooing your hair.

Next, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Try to avoid washing your hair with both cold water and hot water. It can strip essential oils from your hair and make your hair dry.

Then, wash your hair with shampoo. And then rinse, and repeat with conditioner.

Be sure to dry your hair with extra care!

When dealing with rough or damaged hair, it’s important to handle your hair as gently as possible. Use a soft towel or a cotton towel and wait until the towel absorbs the excess water.

Give your hair heat protection before heat styling! Excessive heat styling can do some serious damage to the hair. Applying a protective product first, before heat styling, whether you’re blow-drying, curling, or straightening your hair, it is essential in protecting your hair against heat. The hair protection product will keep your hair protected from potential heat damage.

Get a Trim! This will help prevent your hair from getting split ends. 

Split ends are inevitable, however trimming your hair once in a while will help get rid of the unwanted split ends.

Lastly, Stay hydrated, and drink plenty of water. When you are busy it is hard to remember to drink water. But your scalp and hair will thank you!

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