There are some misconceptions on how to show up for your hair appointment like arriving with dirty or unwashed hair. Despite popular belief, freshly washed hair is actually better for even color saturation and application. Yes, you can arrive with your hair unwashed, however, the amount of natural oil you produce can determine on if your stylist will need to shampoo prior to servicing. To save time, and to ensure a consistent result, arrive with freshly washed hair!

A picture is worth 1000 words!If you want to contribute to the success and growth of your hairstylist, allow him/her to take your picture! A picture is worth 1000 words in the hair industry and your stylist will appreciate your contribution!

Tips for pics: wear a dark-colored shirt with no patterns so your hair can be the star of the show!!!!Pre-book and Re-book! Prebooking is extremely important for both you and your stylist! Most likely, your stylist has a game plan for your hair! To keep your hair looking its best, its important that you keep your hair regimen on schedule. The more consistent you are with your touch-ups the better your results will be! Your stylist also needs to prepare color orders and needs to ensure she has the proper time allotted. So do yourself and your stylist a favor, and pre-book!

Is my drugstore shampoo/ conditioner ok?! The short answer to this question is no! Using professional-grade products like Kevin Murphy is a game changer when it comes to the health of your hair! In addition, your hair & stylist will thank you! Your at home hair care routine is just as important as your in salon treatments or services. When you use the proper products at home, you are ensuring color longevity, manageability, and the ultimate health of your hair! Ultimately, the health or your hair depends on the effort your willing to put into it. So treat your hair with care and get the right at home products for your hair needs. Ask your stylist at the Parlor Salon at your next appointment which products are right for you!

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