Lynea Wahlgren-

Wearing 2 rows of custom colored NBR extensions.

Let’s talk about the importance of good products.

Products can make or break your extension longevity.

Think about it, you wouldn’t put crappy oil in your Mercedes would you?

Same concept.

If you have extensions there are three styling products you need!

Number one: a detangler. A detangler helps set up the foundation for other products to be laid on top more evenly. Think of it as a primer. It also allows your brush to glide through your hair with out breakage. I love the 7 seconds detangler by unite or oribe.

Number two: leave in conditioner. My favorite is the supershine moisture cream by oribe. It really helps smooth down the cuticle to prevent tangling/matting. It also hydrates and adds shine.

Number three: oil. Depending on what oil you use it can be used Everyday or every other day. I love the oribe gold lust oil or the U oil by unite. Oil helps lubricate those ends to prevent breakage.

BONUS: extensioniste serum by @kerastase_official This should be used with any type of extension. It is a serum applied directly to the scalp twice a week to help increase hair strength. If you think about it, your hair needs to be strong to withhold any type of extension. Set yourself up for success by creating a strong foundation.

If you have any questions about extensions fee free to contact me through email.

I will also be attaching what to expect with extension pricing on my website soon.