Jonathan Jimmerson- Owner/ Marketing and Finance

Jonathan Jimmerson- Parlor Salon Owner/ Marketing and Finance
Jonathan is the owner and founder of the Parlor Salon. He also owns JJ Music Lessons in Folsom and pastors a home church called Family Gatherings. Jonathan is very passionate about his businesses and loves working with the talented stylists that have come to the salon. Along with being a business owner, Jonathan has been a musician and pastor for years. When he lived in San Francisco/ Marin Country Jonathan taught music at a variety of schools and collages. He was also a pastor in the bay area for a decade. He and his wife Selby are excited to be bringing high end hair services to the Folsom and Sacramento County!

The Parlor Salon-

JJ Music Lessons-

Around a year ago Jonathan Jimmerson was called to stop full time ministry and start a house church. In order to make ends meat, Jonathan founded JJ Music Lessons and along with his wife, the Parlor Salon in Folsom. Here is a little more info on the House Church that he leads- 

Family Gatherings

Family Gatherings is a house church created to disciple and shepherd people in their growth in Christ. Community is the most important part of the house church model and we believe that God is calling the modern church to invest more into people. Family Gatherings exists to model the early church. That means that while our church leadership is held to a higher standard our fellowship is far from perfect. We respect the lives and opinions of others while our leadership follows an biblical example for discipleship and teaching.