Lets talk baby-lights vs balayage

Baby-lights allows the stylist to highlight more sections of your hair and give your hair a finer highlight than a normal highlight. It also creates a more natural blend of color using the foils. Baby-lights are much more delicate but will have a beautiful result. The process requires bleach in order to lighten it, and if you are starting with a darker base, it could take a few sessions to accomplish your desired results. Be sure to wait 72 hours before washing your hair. To maintain your baby-lights, come in every six to eight weeks to keep them looking refreshed!

Balayage is painted on your hair and processed without foils, either with plastic or open air. Balayage will last longer than highlights and will give your hair a non-uniform look. This technique is a freehand painting where the color is applied on the hair in random sections giving a blended and wam sun kissed gorgeous look. Balayage is a great alternative if you are wanting to grow out your hair more naturally and will only need to touch up every three or four months. To keep your hair looking beautiful, it is recommended to only wash your hair 2 to 3 times each week.

Whether you want baby-lights, balayage, or another hair service, call us to book with any of our amazing hair stylists. Our stylists will be happy to help you with any of your hair needs. Make sure to ask about our Kevin Murphy products that are available to purchase during your visit. If you are looking to join our amazing team, make sure to contact us at jj@parlorsalon.org and send us your resume to apply.