Would you like more natural looking hair? Lived-in color is a new dying and high-lightening technique. It is neither balayage nor ombre, instead it is a subtle highlighting method that amplifies your natural hair color. When there are stands of various lengths and widths it gives it a beautiful natural look. Lived-in color works similar shades into your color, avoiding the roots, so the hair looks grown-out, but also gives your hair a polished look. It’s a low maintenance hair technique with less trips to the salon for root touch up. At The Parlor we have seasoned colorists that specialize in lived in color that would be happy to help make your hair dreams come true.

What’s the process? It lifts the color from your head and recreates a faux root at the crown matching your natural hair. Then your colorist will blend your highlights in a controlled color environment, placing the highlights in a way that optimizes the long-term “lived in” look once that root has grown out. This hair technique is 100% customizable, so whether you have rich chocolate brown hair or blonde hair, your colorist will mix you up a palette of highlighting shades that compliment your complexion perfectly. We recommend you chat with your colorist first about how you want your hair to look, whether you want warm vs. cool color tones and how much contrast you want in your highlights.

How long does lived-in color last? It can last up to eight months. While you might spend a little longer in the chair (around six hours), lived in color means less trips back to the salon and more money saved in the long run.

Lastly, lived in color is a realistic hair look that you will enjoy just the way it is for months! But you’ll still need to take care of your hair until your next trip to the salon. When you get any kind of coloring done, make sure to keep your ends happy and hydrated. It is a must to retain color vibrancy and reduce damage! Ask your colorist at the Parlor at your next visit what Kevin Murphy products would be best to care for your hair type!