How to Protect Your Skin While Wearing a Face Mask/ Esthetician in Folsom, CA

By face masks, I don’t mean the kind you wear to prevent acne breakouts, but another type of face mask that is now causing us to break out with a form of acne, more specifically, known as Acne Mechanica. Acne Mechanica is a type of acne that is caused by repeat friction, pressure, and irritation. With the new social distancing guidelines, we are now forced to wear face-covering, known as a face mask. With the use of these coverings, we will experience repetitive physical trauma to the skin, such as on our cheeks, jawline, and chin. Masks will also congest pores from sweating or from makeup that may be worn under the mask, and with the added humidity from breathing, this allows bacteria to grow more easily leading you to experience this type of acne breakout. 

The key to combating this new break out is to first get on a good night-time skin regimen to cleanse the skin every night, this will help to remove bacteria from the skin that was formed throughout the day. The Universal PM Routine is a three-step routine from The Free and True cosmetic line, all natural and free from harmful chemicals, retailed by me. This line will cleanse and nourish the skin through hydration and healing. By first, cleansing with Moonlight Milk – PM Balm Cleanser 2. Hydrating with Moment of Clarity AHA Complex Toner and 3. Protecting with MAMA PACHA – Moisture Infusion Cream. This routine can be kicked up a notch by applying a second cleanse with The Marigold Morning – Creamy Cleanser. This cleanser is pH balancing and formulated to remove impurities and provide optimal skin hydration. These products will be sure to wash away the day and leave you feeling fresh and ready to wine down for the night. 

With a cleansing regimen must also come a good exfoliation. Exfoliating regularly is important for removing dead or dry skin cells that build up over time especially under those face coverings that may cause acne and lead to more concerns such as aging, and hyperpigmentation. A home exfoliation such as the Raw and Wild face masque I retail, is recommended to use weekly, followed by a professional facial, which is recommended a minimum of once a month. A facial with me will always leave you feeling clean, refreshed, soft, and bright. My menu will only provide two types of facial option, a physical exfoliation known as a microdermabrasion facial or a chemical exfoliation known as a chemical peel facial. A microdermabrasion is a perfect option for maintaining healthy skin, a chemical peel is perfect for more targeted concern, but either one of these facial options will be customized to your specific needs. Whether that means to provide a deeper cleanse, focusing on extra soothing and balancing, extra hydration and moisture, or looking younger. 

Your skin will always feel and looks its best with a consistent regimen. Face masks are the new normal, unhealthy skin doesn’t have to be. 

Andrea DeCarlo Licensed Esthetician