Meet Ronnie


Ronnie Bozworth has been servicing the greater Folsom area for more than a decade. She uses cutting edge technology to offer the most cutting edge treatments for skin care and beauty, and offers an unparalleled environment while harnessing the type of energy that refreshes, rejuvenates, and cleanses not only the skin, but the soul. She strives to offer the best experience through dedicated personal attention to each and every client because for Ronnie, helping people has always been a dream. She dedicates her time to research, by way of products and services, ensuring anytime one visits her, one receives the very best treatment and consultation. Above all else, Ronnies passion for skin care and the wellbeing of her clients has led her to be the top Aesthetician in the Folsom area. She is certified in HydraFacial and helps a variety of clients; from teens seeking riddance of stubborn acne, to adults whose stress needs more than yoga, to anyone whom needs to overcome serious skin concerns.

If your in need of some TLC for your skin, or your soul, Ronnie Bozworth is who you need.

Beauty wellness and happiness all in one service. Book today!