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The location and the place to help you succeed.

If you are a stylist and interested in working at a high end salon in Folsom, look no further. We are a boutique salon in a prime location in Folsom. The Parlor Salon is located at the intersection of Riley Street and Natoma. Thousands of cars pass our salon on a daily basis which makes it a great place for running your business. Here are a few words we would use to describe our salon- boutique, high end, modern, and bohemian. Folsom is a great place to work so if live in El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Placerville, Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Cameron Park, Orangevale, or any of the surrounding areas you should consider working here. Folsom is growing very quickly and more individuals are moving from the bay area to Sacramento County due to the cost of living. This is also driving prices in Folsom which is good for stylists being that you can charge higher prices. We would love to mentor you in that.

In addition to being passionate about our salon we also care about the environment. Our hope and desire is to see that the earth is better taken care of as well as our bodies. That is why we strive to be a Clean Beauty Salon and sell as many organic products as possible. Our main product line is Kevin Murphy and we love their commitment to excellence and clean beauty.

The tools and experience to help you grow.

Each of our stylists rents from us and we love partnering with them to create the best work environment. In addition to our location, our marketing strategy will help get your name out there and expand your cliental. The co- owner Jonathan Jimmerson, owns JJ Music Lessons and has watched his own business grow using these same strategies. Learn more about JJ Music Lessons by clicking here.

In addition to marketing, we also provide all of our stylist with our digital booking app to make all bookings a breeze. This is a great way to manage your clients and will help insure that there will be far less “no- shows” and cancelations. 

At the Parlor Salon we also understand that education is very important for the advancement of career. That is why we offer routine trainings and classes for our stylists. Our teachers come from a variety of places such as Marin County, the Bay Area, and Kevin Murphy. In addition to these trainings and classes we also invited stylists to join us on trips to shows and conferences around the nation. We believe in building community and fostering a great family environment. We encourage each of our stylists to attend Vidal Sassoon and believe that they will find it as enriching as the owner, Selby Jimmerson has in the past.