Spray Tanning Frequently Asked Questions- Spray Tanning in Folsom, CA

How should I prep for my Spray Tan? 

Exfoliate at least 3-4 hours prior to your session with a washcloth & NON oil-based scrub. Pay close attention to dry areas such as knuckles, knees, & elbows. After your exfoliation shower or bath DO NOT put anything on your skin. NO lotion, NO makeup, NO deodorant, NO perfumes YOUR SKIN NEEDS TO BE BARE Shaving or waxing is recommended to be done at least 12 hours prior to your session. Bring or wear loose dark clothing & flip flops. NO leggings or jeans. Ladies plan on going braless for 6 hours after your session. 

Will Spray Tanning turn orange me orange? 

As the technician, it is crucial to understand that not every client is the same. Understanding that every person will require their own mixture of solution to get the perfect shade based on their skin type and undertones. It is best to expect a natural tan that is close to your natural skin tone rather than an extremely dark tan. A tone too dark or layered to heavy could result in an orange tan. 

How long does a Spray Tan last? 

A Spray tan can least anywhere from 1-2 weeks with proper care. Spray tans work by reacting with enzymes in your skin to create the tan coloring over your first layer of skin. The cellular turnover rate varies by person from anywhere between 14-90 days based off age, daily lifestyle, and diet. Too much sweating, friction from clothing, exfoliating in the shower, the use of oil-based moisturizers can speed up this process and cause your tan to fade quicker and possibly fade unevenly. Following a good homecare regimen can help your tan fade slower and fade more naturally and evenly. 

How long do I wait to shower after my Spray Tan appointment? 

You will want to wait a minimum of 8 hours before your first rinse. This should only be a rinse and not a full shower. You will only be rinsing off the bronzer from your spray tan, which gives you the instant gratification of a tan until your real tan develops. 

How do I maintain my spray tan after my appointment? 

Avoid water and excessive sweating for 6 hours. If you need to wash your hands use a baby wipe on only the palm side of your hands. Exercise of any kind should be avoided for 12 hours. Try not to touch your skin too much before your shower. Too much skin to skin contact may cause the bronzer to either rub off onto your hands or streak the tan. If sleeping in your tan wear a long-sleeved top & bottom to avoid skin to skin contact. After 6 hours you may shower. It is best to only rinse at this point. You will see your shower water turn brown after hitting your skin. THIS IS NORMAL. It is the bronzer rinsing off, NOT your tan. If your face looks “muddy” try wiping gently with water & a soft wash cloth. Moisturizing is key to maintaining a life of 5-7 days for your tan. This needs to be done twice daily. Implementing a tan extender can prolong your tan an extra 2-3 days. Ask me for details if interested in Tan Extender Lotion. 

Showers to follow should consist of a soft washcloth and liquid WATER based soap. Be sure to do a light even buffing all over the body. This will remove all the dead skin cells and keep your tan even as it fades. Ask me for details if interested in a spray tan safe Body Wash. DO NOT over exfoliate in the shower, as this will cause uneven patchy fading. Problem areas to pay close attention to are the folds of the under arm, under breasts, back of neck, upper thigh, and groin area. If you notice patchiness in these areas or anywhere else, it just means you need to buff & moisturize them with a little more love 

Andrea DeCarlo Licensed Esthetician