Why Should I Choose a Spray tan Over a Sun Tan? Skin Care in Folsom

Everybody loves a little sun-kissed glow, but over the years we have been taught that a sun tan can be quite dangerous for our skin. Sun tanning damages skin cells leading to increased signs of aging and or worse, Skin cancer! 

Many people aren’t aware that when our skin is exposed to the sun the beautiful tan we love so much is actually a defense mechanism for our body to protect itself. Our body will increase skin pigmentation also known as melanin in order to protect our internal organs. This color change in our skin is a sign of skin damage and purposefully tanning the skin increases your risk of developing skin cancer. People who already naturally have extra melanin in their skin (naturally tanned or darker toned skin) are provided with a natural SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of very little and is still not safe from receiving damage from the sun. It is recommended to apply an SPF of 15 minimum for UV protection. Just because you are tan, doesn’t mean you are safe from further skin damage. Premature aging is a major result of unprotected UV exposure from the sun. The harmful rays from the sun break down collagen and elastin in your skin causing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and leathery skin. Treatments can be done to help minimize these symptoms such as chemical peels or skin fillers but can’t take away the damage that has already been done. The best way? To avoid sun tanning and get spray tanned! 

A spray tan is the best alternative to sun tanning or even tanning beds as tanning beds still cause damage to your skin cells in order to produce a tan. Spray tanning, however, uses an active ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, made form Sugar Beets and Sugar Cane and is a non-toxic ingredient. When DHA is applied to the uppermost exposed layer of skin it works with your amino acids producing a beautiful tan pigment we like to call a gorgeous sunless glow. Many people fear the orange tone of a spray tan, which can happen! To avoid this, it is important to choose the right spray tan technician who understands that not every client’s skin type is the same, the general characteristics must be taken into consideration when determining the proper solution to use to achieve the best spray tan for their client. The results are sure to impress! 

Spray Tans last up to two weeks with proper care, safe to use for all ages including pregnancy (with a physician’s consent) and looks better than a natural tan from the sun by appearing more evenly and smoother in texture and appearance. Spray Tanning appointments are only 30 minutes and the developing time is a minimum of 8 hours before rinsing. After the first rinse, you are tan and ready to glow! 

Andrea DeCarlo Licensed Esthetician