Have you ever considered getting hair extensions?


Not only do hair extensions give you instant hair change,  extensions are low maintenance. They create new possibilities for your hair, giving you a new look!

Do you want more flexibility with your hair? They give you more options with different do’s. Extensions give you quick and easy options like a fuller looking bun or braid.

Can extensions help your hair grow? The short answer is when they are used correctly, they can help your hair grow. Talk to our stylists at The Parlor to get more information about how to care for your hair when you have extensions.

Do you stuggle with split ends? Hair extensions can help hide split ends and give your hair more volume. Your hair will feel healthier and fuller. They not only will add color but length as well. 

Hair extensions are becoming more popular as they are available in different choices. Let’s be real, would you rather be blow-drying and styling your hair for 30 minutes or more each morning or sleeping? I know what I would much rather be doing. I love my sleep. Hair extensions will give you effortless beauty, and will cut your styling time in half, giving you more time to spend doing what you like, instead of spending crazy amounts of time getting ready each morning. Not only will you have more time, your hair will get a break from styling tools, and you can watch your hair grow!

We offer hair extensions services at the Parlor, call us book your free consultation appointment to talk to one of our stylists about getting hair extensions. 

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